two to come



I have to say I'm really enjoying this little adventure with Little Miss Joey. I'm photographing more, and hopefully better, I'm discovering things about moi and my alter ego (what a grand thought!), I'm improving my writing skills in English (or so I like to believe), and let's not forget the successful world domination through wittiness, possibly the very single reason I write this blog.

As with most things one enjoys, one likes to get better at them. The Queen's English is next on my list, but back to topic now… To write a better blog, the world of google tells me I have to think of my audience. Now that seems like an easy enough thing to do; I have 5 readers and I know them all = success. And it gets even easier if you conduct a poll. So I have. I asked Dobbin what he wanted to read about. And he told me. Park this thought.
I'm a great fan of reading/writing columns. Why? Because they are usually about nothing (my speciality) and they tend to come out on a specific day (keeps the I-love-some-routine bit of me happy).
Join the previous paragraph with the parked thought and voilá! you have two new columns to look forward to.

Photo: Porto, beach, a path… Little Miss Joey is on a path to something…

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