::inspiring Mondays::

Fair isle hat for the weekend
Unfortunate Monday fact: I forgot to set the weekly alarm. That meant 30 minutes of a very relaxing extra sleep, a 2 minute panic after I woke up relaxed and happy and wondered why as it should be Monday and should be feeling it, followed by the most productive 28 minutes of my life so I could get out the door on time and looking decent. I guess this morning hiccup begs the question of why the hell I need the other 30 minutes in the morning… Think it is to keep my stress levels low, but I’ll revisit that thought…
:: a relaxing plan-free weekend
:: sunshine. sunshine. sunshine. even if it is cold.
:: knitting club and seeing the fair isle hat growing. and a bit more at home over more coffee.
:: 37 minute run. 5k. only need to go to 10k now. progress.
:: sunshine.
:: new bathroom towel sets, one red, one torquoise. simple. happy.
:: sorted photos from September. and February. and this weekend. almost there now.
:: sunshine.
:: played with a 70-300mm lens, only to decide it’s not for me. it was very useful though. and good fun.
:: 21 minute run. 3k. keeping at it.
:: sunshine.
:: no rain.
:: it is no longer last week.
:: ending with sunshine.
And those are the things that made this Monday worthwhile. Carefully selected happy memories sprinkled with the promise of a better week than the last one. For sometimes that’s all happiness is… hope.

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