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Little Miss Joey the blog is proving an interesting place to find myself, or bits of myself rather. It started with my inability to define a style or focus for the place and learning to embrace the gentle drift that best describes my writing. Not that I have abandoned my grand plans of world domination through wittiness and overall funniness, but I've learned to accept that that is not all LMJ will write about, for she is a slightly more complex little bugger. And this finding of LMJ the alter ego is now spilling onto my photography (or should I say "that thing I do with my camera", without any hint of false modesty?).
I've been looking at my photos, and looking some more (and there's where I stop, thank you!), in search of a style that defines them and by association moi. What am I good at? What would you think of when you think of my little miss photographic self?
Failing in finding an answer, I moaned at Dobbin (quite typical) and he promptly came to my rescue (also quite typical, with varied degrees of (in)success):

"You are good at… stuff!"

I certainly had to pause a bit with this one to better absorb the depth of the answer. Stuff. A few more moments to get this right in my head… so… I am good at… inhale, exhale… stuff. Ok, got that. And there I go through my photostream on Flickr to produce a convincing "I'm upset" moan when I realise the boy is right. Just this once, but right. Boo. It is what I do best, stuff. Little snippets of life, more commonly known as stuff.
What a journey of self discovery this has been, I tell you! If only more people knew…
Little note: this thing of embracing and accepting yourself is all very well and lovely and oh, how cute, I'm good at stuff, but when it comes to deciding what lens to buy next this stuff business is quite the pain!

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  1. Dobbin
    7 March 2011 / 11:23

    I think I should clarify my remarks, which may have seemed a bit disparaging… By stuff I meant the stuff of everyday life, making the ordinary look interesting, which is a style of photography in its own right. This is not actually that easy (see my mediocre attempts to do the same) and requires good observation and an eye for detail, composition and colour. You are the best photographer of stuff that I know!

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