::inspiring Mondays:: (on a Tuesday)

Porto Sunset
I went home for four days. Home is Porto, Portugal. Also home to Port wine, old houses by the river, Francesinhas and tripas (I leave you to figure out what those are, some work is necessary to better appreciate gifts). Amongst other things! And that is why I missed "inspiring Mondays" on the Monday. But Tuesday is my Monday this week, so for me this is just as good…
So, the fact. I actually wrote down in my MK I should always reveal a fact about moi on inspiring Mondays. And that is today's fact! Quite simple, but a fact nonetheless.
:: home. being home. feeling home.
:: sunshine. sunshine. sunshine.
:: little brother.
:: Mum and Dad.
:: squeezing Tommy (my cat).
:: getting to see Pulga before I left (our oldest cat… she spent a few days in hospital with no visits… she came home a few hours before I left… she's sweet and feisty still in equal measure and has the cutest cat expression ever!)
I'm back on the island now. That's the UK if you just appeared here from nowhere and are incredibly curious to know where I live. I've been back less than 24 hours and looking at the photo above I'm wondering what I'm doing here. Seriously. That's Porto in February… I'm still wondering… nope, no answer as of yet. I'll work on it. While I think of lemon drizzle cake, even if I cannot have it just now…!
Little note: inspiring Mondays' hearts started to annoy me; a bit too 8 year old girl for my liking, all those hearts in a column. I prefer them in moderation.
Another little note: this :: means I really like it. these likes are not in order of importance.

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