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Lisboa 2010 - Verdades
I seem to be starting these inspiring Mondays with a fact. A fact of debatable interest, but a fact nonetheless. So here goes… I am one grateful big sister, for I have the best little brother in the world, very possibly the Universe!
♥ Little brother visiting; it was absolutely amazing
♥ Spending more time with Lili, so refreshing
♥ Delightful dinner with good friends and little brother and Lili
♥ Pausing for 3 seconds on Saturday while everyone walks from the restaurant to the pub and realising how so very lucky I am!
♥ Photographing yet a bit more, I'm getting there
♥ Picking up the fair isle hat I'm knitting and actually knit a few rows, it had been well over a week
♥ Hugs and cuddles and laughter
Yes, it's Monday and little brother has gone back to Portugal and it's raining almost non-stop since I left the house this morning, but… Oh my, have I had an excellent weekend indeed and that is so very inspiring.
Photo: "It's so difficult to hold back a river when the river runs inside us."… and so it is 🙂


  1. Dobbin
    21 February 2011 / 22:10

    This is a good column, keep it going!

  2. elkecita
    22 February 2011 / 10:57

    very nice blog from a very charming girl … you love life and that life loving feeling is inside all your pictures and written pieces … thanks for sharing it with us! we are happy to read it xxx

  3. Little Miss Joey
    23 February 2011 / 11:26

    Thanks Dobbin 🙂 Will do!Elkecita, thank you so much for the encouragement and sweet compliments 🙂 It is so motivating 🙂 xxx

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