of polka dots…

Learning photography

… or how the world is not black and white. 
Today I wasn't going to blog. Then Nicky (or Dobbin, whichever you prefer) said he was going to and the little bit of me that is slightly competitive thought "bummer, here I go again!". Of course to compete I needed an idea. Or a focus. And we all know by now how good I am at that, right? So idea no 1 followed from the last post and how today I carried my camera around and how that turned out… maybe tomorrow. Idea no 2 was how I was posting just so that Nicky wouldn't beat me by that many posts. I ended up settling with idea no 3, how the world is not black and white and how I love polka dots to remind me of that. 
Growing up I was under the impression there was only right or wrong and you were either good or bad. Then you get to know yourself a bit more and you learn this is not quite true. And then you get to know others a bit more and you know this is definitely not true. Which is not a bad thing; it is just how it is. And how it is sometimes goes without a classification of good or bad.    
I shouldn't be here right now. In fact, I am not here right now. On so many ways, there is nothing wrong with me being here or not. In this grey world of ours, oh how I dislike the word grey, it is ok for me to be here. Even when I'm not. Black and white. Not. Bits of so many colours all at once, much like polka dots.

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