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I like yellow. In fact, I love yellow! (and red and red with white polka dots and white, but today it's about yellow so let me focus for once!)
One of my teachers used to say "if it weren't for different opinions, what would happen to yellow?". Needless to say I never quite got why yellow had been singled out for this insightful yet quite mean thought about said colour. And that made me like yellow even more (we all love an underdog, really!).
Yellow has a smile attached. Typically mine. Frequently other people’s – sunshine is yellow! My favourite flowers are yellow roses; before I favourited tulips, yellow tulips.
I thought all this before putting the above mosaic together. I did it to illustrate my love of yellow and in doing so I realised 1. I really do love it 2. I had a great time looking for pictures with a particular colour theme and putting them together in a mosaic 3. I will definitely be doing this more often. Now I just need to find all the other colours I also love; not a difficult task. Enough of that, this post is only about yellow. And possibly about yellow roses in the sunshine.

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  1. Dobbin
    6 February 2011 / 15:31

    And of course yellow is the colour of your favourite English football team…

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