the reason why


It all started because Little Miss Joey has a blog in Portuguese. And a friend named Nicky.

Nicky does not speak Portuguese but read(s) Joey’s Portuguese blog anyway (using google translator!). Of course Nicky doesn’t just read it, he sometimes asks for translations when google is having a really bad day and often moans moaned he feels felt left out and Joey should start a blog for her English fans ie him. Sweet really, you might say, were you not aware theirs is a mick-taking-sarcastic-heavy friendship. But as they say “compliments will take you a long away”, even mick-taking ones, and here we are, Little Miss Joey’s window to the world.

Now, as you may have noticed, this little red place is not (yet) filled with regular updates of fascinating pieces of writing or photography or *insert appropriate thing to be made wonderful*. Indeed it is not. And that is because Little Miss Joey, very much like her Portuguese counterpart Cientista, really lacks a focus. And this is when I go back to talking about myself in the first person.

I am an expert in nothingness. Give me a non topic and words just flow out of me. Especially a vague non topic. Most likely to be dressed by nostalgic words. I am a nostalgic writer (term used loosely). And this is what my Portuguese alter ego blog reflects, a part of me that only now comes out on paper (yes, I do write first on my moleskine which I carry everywhere only to be most inspired on the few occasions I don’t have it with me!) after I tamed it in my teenage years. Now I am more of a bubbly annoyingly happy girl adult – Little Miss Joey. Whom I quite like (go figure, I like me!). And after I decided to indulge my only fan (another term used loosely) by starting Little Miss Joey The blog, I was sort of hoping the writing would match that bit of me. So in short, I was hoping my English alter ego would be all witty and funny. But guess what? Nope. It’s just the same. When presented with a pen and paper, moi is always nostalgic and prone to vagueness and gentle drifting into thin air. Which makes me think we are what we are. And I am bubbly and annoying in person and vague and drifty on paper. I can live with that. I think. Even if a part of me wants to be witty and all funny!

And running the risk of losing even my only fan on the grounds of length, a short conclusion. Little Miss Joey The Blog lacks a focus. And although I am most likely the best person to cope with this, given my endearing (wishful thinking) “nothingness” approach, this posed a problem of frequency of updates. So, Nicky to the rescue. After a lot of persuasion from Little Miss Joey, Nicky has started his own blog, Erratic Photographer, and we have agreed on matching each other ‘post for post’. Let the games begin!

*little footnote: I use a lot, and I mean, A LOT, of brackets…



  1. Dobbin
    29 January 2011 / 18:54

    Sarcasm aside, your writing is pretty good 😉

  2. jo
    29 July 2011 / 08:12

    You have me totally confused :-)after confusing me totally.

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